Godox VSA Series Projection Lens Attachment Complete Bundle Kit




  • Precision Optics for Ultra-Sharp Projections
  • Interchangeable Lens Optics
  • Robust Build-Quality
  • Built-in Shutter Blades
  • Bowens S-Type Fitting
  • Designed for use with COB LED Studio Lights
  • Ideal for Filmmakers, Cinematographers, and Theatrical Productions


  • All rates are subject to a 20% VAT

What's Included

  • 1x Spotlight Mount
  • 1x Lens Optic
  • 1x Gobo Holder
  • 1x Gel Frame
  • 1 x Iris diagram
  • 27x Gobos (3 with Spotlight Mount and 4x Sets of 6)
  • 16x Colour Temperature Correction Gels (1x Each Colour)
  • 15x Colour Effect Gels (1x Each Colour)

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