Aquifer Film Studio Hire Terms and Conditions

 1) Studio Hire

1.1 : It is the Hirer’s responsibility to leave the Studio clear and in the same condition as at the outset of the hire. Any loss or costs incurred by the Studio as a result of the Hirer’s failure to do so will be charged to the Hirer. Until the studio is cleared and returned to its original condition, it is deemed as on hire and the hirer will be charged for this time.

1.2 : Any request for the painting of the stage to any colour other than white, must be made and agreed upon by the Studio 72 hours prior to the hire period and will incur an additional charge. The white stage is NOT freshly painted before each hire. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the studio is the appropriate colour for their requirements.

1.3 : Any marks, spillages, or damage caused to the studio during the hire period must be attended to before the end of the hire period, failing which the Studio reserves the right to charge for the cost of repair/remedial work including if necessary, a full repaint.

1.4 : All rubbish must be removed by the end of the hire. Anything left in and outside of the studio without specific arrangement with the studio will be categorised, as rubbish and the hirer will be charged for its disposal.

1.5 : Aquifer Film Studio does not accept any responsibility for property and equipment of the Hirer that is brought into the premises, and to vehicles parked outside.

1.6 : Aquifer Film Studio does not permit any controlled drugs, explosives, weapons, or any illegal item to be brought onto or used on the Premises.

1.8 : Aquifer Film Studio is NO SMOKING SITE.
This means that smoking is NOT permitted anywhere indoors or outdoors, except in the designated smoking area. Smoking for purpose of shoot requires permission from Aquifer Film Studio in advance. It is the hirer’s responsibility to inform their cast and crew about the smoking area.

1.9 : Aquifer Film Studio should be informed in advance regarding any stunt, SFX Fire effect, water effect, and use of glitter in a form of writing, and these can be processed after obtaining permission from Aquifer Film Studio. 

1.10 : Use of outdoor area, which is anywhere within the Riverbank Business Park premises for any purpose, including filming and photoshoot, must be arranged in advance (as this is a separate service) in a form of writing with the clear plan and done within the booking hours. Otherwise, Aquifer Film Studio reserves the right to act accordingly.

2) Facilities usage

2.1: Kitchen, lounge, make-up room, and other sequential areas are to be used respectfully and left clean and tidy after use. The Hirer will be liable and charged for the costs of cleaning, replacing, or repairing any damage resulting from misuse, damage, or neglect.

3) Balcony usage

3.1 : The balcony area overseeing the stage has limited access and only authorised cast and crew should use the facility.

3.2 : Any filming requirement, including mounting lights, placing camera and tripods, video village, etc. needs to be arranged with the studio in the form of writing in advance.

 4) Hire of Equipment, props and Services 

 4.1 : All the equipment/props are supplied to the hirer in good and standard working condition and must be returned in the same condition at the end of the hiring period. The customer is responsible to test and make sure the requirements are met and in case of an issue, they must inform the studio at the beginning of the session.

4.2 : Aquifer Film Studio is NOT liable for any loss caused by the technical issue and malfunction of the equipment/props.

4.3 : Customers are responsible for any loss, damage, stolen and whatsoever regarding the equipment/props until the return.

4.4 : Customers are liable for any cost including the daily rate until the equipment/prop is replaced or repaired.

 5) Drive In Service

5.1 : Cars must be guided into the studio only by the studio managers or staff or under their supervision with extra care.

5.2 : It is the client’s responsibility to clean the vehicles and tires before entering the stage and outside of the studio.

5.3 : On rainy days or for any reason if the vehicle is wet, the clients must make the vehicles dry and clean before entering onto the stage, and Aquifer film reserves the right to refuse the entrance of the vehicles if the client is not willing to make the vehicles dry and clean.

5.4 : For more information about our Drive In service please visit:

 6) White Cyclorama Service

6.1 : We constantly maintain our white stage, however, the stage is NOT freshly painted before each hire.

6.2 : The production is responsible to inform the studio if they need fresh white paint on the floor at least 24 hours prior to the start of their session and it will have a separate cost.

 6.3 : For more information about our white cyclorama service please visit:

7) Green Screen Service

7.1 : As part of our “One Fixed Rate” policy for all features, Aquifer film studio will provide the green screen drapes/fabric only.

7.2 : The pre-lit green screen service is for the background only and lighting the subject is not included as it may vary based on each shoot.

7.3 : The pre-lit service cost is £120 + VAT on top of the session hiring fee and must be arranged and requested at least 24 hours prior to the start of the session.

7.4 : When pre-lit service is required, the studio will use the “3 Fixed LED TOPLIGHT (Chroma-Q Space Force onebytwo™ – soft 2800K – 6000K) with DMX controller” that is listed in the included lights, therefore the production has to consider this in case they have to provide additional lighting.

7.5 : For more information about our green screen service please visit:


8) Minors

6.1 : Children under the age of 18, must be supervised by a parent or responsible chaperone.

9) Animals

7.1 : Hirers are required to provide prior warning if bringing pets or animals into the studio.

10) Parking Space AND Permits 

 10.1 : Aquifer Film studio is located in Bloc Riverbank Business park and the parking is managed by their approved operator Hozah.

10.2 : Production/individuals are responsible for making their own parking payment using the link provided by Aquifer Film Studio.

10.3 : Aquifer Film Studio can not guarantee any available parking space, unless specific arrangement has been made. 

10.4 : You should not take photos or carry out any filming within the Car Park without our written consent.

11) Payment AND Confirmation

11.1 : In order to secure the date and time of the hire, the hirer is required to pay a 25% deposit of the total hire fee upon receipt of the invoice. If the fee is not paid within 24 hours of the invoice issue, Aquifer Film reserves the right to release the time and date for another customer without notice and any liability.

11.2 : The remaining balance of the invoice must be cleared before the date of the hire in full. Aquifer Film reserves the right to refuse to let the production use the facilities until the payment is paid in full.

11.3: If payment is not made on the due date the Hirer shall pay interest on the overdue amount at the annual rate of 8% above the Bank of England base rate accruing daily.

11.4: If the invoice is issued to a limited company and the company is unable to meet our fees as and when they fall due, then the company’s directors will be personally, jointly, and severally liable in respect of our outstanding fees.

11.5 : If any outstanding payment is not cleared by the due agreed date, Aquifer Film reserves the rights and the ownership of any content including video and stills produced in Aquifer Film Studio. Publishing the mentioned content in any form until the payment is made, may result in compensation payment. 

12) Overtime AND Extra expenses

12.1 : Prep and Pack-up are INCLUDED as part of your booking time and any extra hours other
than your agreed booking time are considered as overtime. Aquifer Film Studio will charge
£100+VAT per hour until 20.00 and £140+VAT between 20.00 – 07.00 for unsociable hours.

12.2 : Customers are responsible for tracking the time and making sure they finish and pack up before the end of the session in order to avoid going overtime.

12.3 : Overtime and extra expenses invoice (where applicable) will be issued at the end of the session and the outstanding balance must be paid within 48 hours of the hiring date. 

13) Refunds AND Cancellations

13.1 : Cancellations made 30 days before the scheduled session start time are eligible for a 100% refund.

13.2 : Customers are liable to 50% of the total amount of the hire fee if they cancel the session between 7 working days to 30 days of the confirmed booking date.

13.3 : Cancellations or no shows within 7 working days period prior to the session will not receive any refund under any circumstances and the customers are liable for %100 of the hiring fee.

 13.4 : Rescheduling sessions can/may be arranged and Aquifer Film Studio reserves the right to apply new terms and conditions which varies depending on the individual circumstances and studio availability. Refund terms and conditions are not applied for the new rescheduled date and the customer is liable to %100 of the hiring fee. 

13.5 : In an unforeseen event and circumstances that result in cancellation of the booked session, which is out of control and is not as a result of the neglect, Aquifer Film Studio will not be liable to any loss of the client/hirer in any form and a full or partial refund will be issued. 

14) Termination

14.1 : Aquifer Film Studio reserves the right to terminate any hire contract if the Hirer or their team are in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions. The Hirer shall pay any costs incurred by Aquifer Film Studio arising out of any breach of these conditions.

15) GDPR

15.1 : Aquifer film is not storing any personal data in any external device unless on the issued paperwork used for communication and use of services offered by Aquifer film. 

15.2 : Aquifer Film is using the contact details and personal data requested and exchanged on the emails or over the phone, to issue the paperwork including invoices and agreement, discuss the details about the booking, follow up emails, and request reviews after the client receives the services.


Drafted by Aquifer Film Ltd 2022



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